The practice of Yoga has changed my relationship with food and my body in the most amazing way!

After attending my very first yoga class, I knew I had found my passion. Even though I wasn’t flexible and could barely touch my toes, practicing yoga made me feel calm, yet powerful. As a self-proclaimed professional dieter, it wasn’t until I found the practice of yoga that my chronic dieting ceased. I gained a new respect for my body. Yoga became part of my self-care. My sleep improved, along with my mood and overall health. Another major benefit for me was, and continues to be, the reduction in my response to stress. Stress may never go away, but how your body responds to it can be managed with yoga.

Walking into a new yoga class isn’t always easy, in fact it can be quite difficult. I remember it took me a long time to walk through those studio doors the first time. I didn’t think I had a yoga body. Guess what? We ALL have a yoga body! I believe that yoga can be practiced by everyone. And the good news is, you don’t ever have to step foot in a studio, if you don’t want to.

I am thrilled to be able to offer yoga as an online one on one offering as well as Facebook Live.